When it comes to safety Molot has been equipped with the latest technology. Here are some key features that Molot has been equipped with. 

Multipurpose HD camera, 500m range

Ultrasonic sensors

Front/Rear HD cameras with motion detecting   

Long range radar, 200m range

Short range radar, 0.2m - 30m range

Predictive Emergency Braking System (PEBS) has been around on cars for a while, now it’s on a Molot. The system is specifically set up for a motorcycle, in those situations where a millisecond matters in braking.  PEBS works in three types of common situations. Let’s say a car in front of you is coming to a stop, and for some reason you are not paying attention to that. First, once you get in to a minimum range zone, PEBS will send you out a warning, this will be a flashing light on your dash and a light vibration in the handle bars. If you fail to react, PEBS will send a maximum vibration and apply a small amount of pressure to your breaks, if you fail, PEBS will take control of your brakes and apply full pressure to stop the vehicle to avoid a collision. Giving that Molot has ABS you would not lose control of the bike. PEBS will also work in a situation where you do not have any time to react, if a car suddenly breaks in front of you, PEBS will apply full pressure to avoid collision. PEBS works with two radars up front, one short range and long range and an HD camera that is mounted in the headlight.


Rear HD camera with motion detecting   

Short range radar, 0.2m - 30m range

In Addition to PEBS, Molot is equipped with blind spot monitoring, There are two sensors located in the rear cowl of the bike, one on each side, once you are ready to make a turn, a blind spot sensor will detect that there is an object and will send you a warning which is a light on a side mirror and a vibrating pulse in the handle bars.

Then there is a lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), let’s say you are distracted from the road ahead and your bike stars to swerve to the left, LDWS will detect that you are departing from your lane by giving you a pulse vibration to the handle bars. The system is disabled when you turn on your turn signal.


There is also a safety cut off feature, Molot has a built in gyroscope, it detects any anomaly in vibration and control, which means when you enter an uncontrolled situation, Molot will disable throttle. (This feature can be disabled)

Another safety is a build in HD cameras in the front and in the rear, weather you are on the track or your bike is just sitting in a garage, cameras will record everything that will move, 24/7.


Every single piece of data is stored in the so called black box, similar of what you would find in a plane. The box itself is enclosed in a damage resistant material making it tough, water and heat resistant.


The unit itself can be easily accessed from the rear cowl.All of the data can’t be erased or modified, it can only be copied.Camera recordings will automatically erase after the disk drive is full. You will see an indication on the dash when the hard drive is near its full capacity. Giving you time to copy needed information on an external drive.

Long range radar, 200m range

Short range radar, 0.2m - 30m range

Multipurpose HD camera, 500m range


Front HD camera with motion detecting   

LED Daytime running light

All LED High/Low beam headlights

Blind Spot Warning indicator

Vibrating Handle Bars warn of a possible danger

Collision Warning Indicator


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